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    I never seen the weight creeping up on me and everyone i know took pictures so i decided I would take one and i cried when I seen what was staring back at me. I decided I was going to get back down to a 12 and be a healthy weight for myself and loose 3 stone that was my goal for 12 months. When i joined Bodynamics everyone was so helpful and the constant encouragement really pushed me to be better. The trainers knee exactly what i needed to do and the food plans made it a lot easier.

    I’m over 4 and a half stone down and I’ve never felt better in myself and my strength for lifting weights is something I never thought I would have! People think that going on a diet that you are restricting yourself to boring food and you can’t have anything you like. This isn’t the case eating clean is so enjoyable and it tastes better then what you would usually eat! Don’t get me wrong i still have a bit of chocolate or a bad treat but only when i feel like ive earned it!


    This last year had made a huge impact on my life and i wouldn’t change it for anything and a massive part of that is down to Bodynamics! All you need to do is believe in yourself, if you stop believing they wont and they will kick you over the line to where you need to be!