Check out long term client Emma’s results and have a read of her story…

    ‘When I started training in Bodynamics , I had a goal for my wedding day to get fit, healthy and be confident in my own skin after the birth of my son.

    I achieved this no doubt within the first 12 weeks, seeing spectacular results from just 3/4 sessions a week!

    At that stage I was hooked, and then I got pregnant with my twins! After they were 6 weeks old I was eager to get back training. I was nervous starting back after nearly a year but it had worked before so I was confident it would again. My new goal was to get back to my pre twins weight and shape.

    After completing a 6 week challenge the gym started small group pt classes and I was interested to see what they were all about. I’d always heard that lifting weights makes girls “bulky” or “manly” but that was not the case! My weight and body shape changed for the better! I couldn’t get over the difference it made! And the strength I gained! And a year later I’m hooked! I love lifting weights and getting stronger and leaner.

    The trainers at bodynamics are fantastic for tips, advice, nutrition you name it they will try to help. And the online community gym page is fantastic for sharing there food tips and heathy alternative ideas.

    The team really changed my outlook and perception of food and training, I have never been so confident with my body and I have them to thank for that! I couldn’t have done it without their support, motivation and guidance’

    FYI, emmas squat & Deadlift are 100kg+ and shes at her pre twins weight 👏

    Well done Emma from all the team at Bodynamics