• 6 Week Transformation

    6 Week Transformation

    I cant stress this enough!! One of my biggest regrets in training is not educating myself sooner, instead i spent years listening to eejits in gyms that hadn’t a breeze but because they where training longer than me i listened, what did i know!!

    Until i started training with personal trainers, in small gyms and went to college, although id been training a few years, i still didnt know the basics like not to eat processed foods, i thought carbs where bad, i was in the gym doing the same few exercises most days just going through the motions.

    Ya see the problem with big public gyms is, there a breeding ground for this, i dont know stats(if there is any) but id say a hell of a lot if not most of the people are still in the same shape after a years membership in these places.. the trainers, as good as they maybe, its not really there job to go around to every person constantly to correct form or offer advice on diet or training, sure you can do a pt session with them but 1 hour probably costs more than a months membership so most wont do that…

    So my advice is this, invest in yourself, spend the extra few quid, get results, understand why you do what exercises, understand why and when you eat what you eat, learn to eat smart, learn to train smart, my clients will know inside the first 20 minutes what took me years to find out, thats what your paying for RESULTS!!

    At BODYNAMICS the trainers care if you get results, its our lives, our business, our name at stake if you dont and about 90% of our custom is word of mouth so that should tell you something!! We will guarantee you results as long as you stick to the programme, GUARANTEED RESULTS!!

    Our next 6 week Transformation starts on september 29th, weigh ins will be on saturday the 27th from 11am, there is still a small number of places available so get in touch today to make sure u get your place!!



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