• Is lack of Sleep stalling your results???

    So, you train smart and hard in the gym, you stay well hydrated and maintain a healthy diet full of lots of vitamins and nutrients but…………. your still not seeing the results or have come to a strength or body composition plateau, one question I often ask my clients if the above scenario is the



    Read Rachel’s story here….. I never seen the weight creeping up on me and everyone i know took pictures so i decided I would take one and i cried when I seen what was staring back at me. I decided I was going to get back down to a 12 and be a healthy weight



    Check out long term client Emma’s results and have a read of her story… ‘When I started training in Bodynamics , I had a goal for my wedding day to get fit, healthy and be confident in my own skin after the birth of my son. I achieved this no doubt within the first 12

  • Women And Weight Training

    Women And Weight Training

    First off Forget all the myths you see that lifting Heavy Weights will make you “bulky” or “manly”.  Statements like these couldn’t be any further from the truth.You simply do not have the hormonal profile to put on loads of muscle FACT!. When it comes to women lifting Heavy Weights it’s a life changer and

  • 6 Week Transformation

    6 Week Transformation

    I cant stress this enough!! One of my biggest regrets in training is not educating myself sooner, instead i spent years listening to eejits in gyms that hadn’t a breeze but because they where training longer than me i listened, what did i know!! Until i started training with personal trainers, in small gyms and

  • The simplicity of eating right!

    The simplicity of eating right!

    For many people eating right or ‘dieting’ is a very confusing thing and no wonder. Every book, magazine, website you go to is telling you different things. We’ve all heard ‘no carbs before marbs’ ‘carbs make you fat’, we where all shown the food pyramid in school which has bread and cereal as its staple