• The simplicity of eating right!

    The simplicity of eating right!

    For many people eating right or ‘dieting’ is a very confusing thing and no wonder. Every book, magazine, website you go to is telling you different things. We’ve all heard ‘no carbs before marbs’ ‘carbs make you fat’, we where all shown the food pyramid in school which has bread and cereal as its staple and tells us to avoid fats, we all see celebs promoting juice diets, the south beach diet, this diet, that diet, well im here to tell you ITS ALL BOLLOX!!

    old food pyramidWhat if i told you carbohydrates are essential for bodily function, they are the bodys primary source of energy, they help your brain function, if you go without carbs for a prolonged period you will go a bit cookoo, not only that but when you break, and you will, you’ll binge, you’ll gorge on food like you’ve never ever been fed before and thus leading to a rebound weight gain of more than you lost to begin with. What if i told you that since the food pyramid was introduced in 1972 that heart disease has risen EVERY year, only recently, following a lot of research, sweden have become the first western nation to issue guidelines in favour of a low carb – high fat diet, rejecting the previous low fat diet, better late than never i suppose!!


    okinawa_diet_food_pyramidSo if the ‘experts’ cant get it right, how can are you meant to?? Well to be honest its simple, i wish it was’nt as simple so i could go on and on and sound really clever but for 90% of us these few points are all thats needed and when combined with regular high intensity exercise you will see results almost immediatley, here they are…..

    If it wasnt here 100 years ago dont eat it, SIMPLE

    6/8oz of meat or fish, handful portion of carbs, shit loads of veg!

    Small meals every 2.5 – 4hrs, the idea is never to be hungry and never to be stuffed!!

    Depending on the person you should be drinking anywhere from 2.5ltrs to 5ltrs per day

    Alcohol=CRAP, chocolate/crisps=CRAP, dont buy it!! If its not there you cant eat it, simple as!! Dont get me wrong we all enjoy the odd bit of crap, in fact i believe its good for you, but not everyday!! If your diet is good all week have a cheat meal, if its not well ya havnt earned it!! Alcohol wise, initially cut it out, go one month without any!! Your not an alcoholic you can do that, the results you’ll see you may not even want one then but if you do have a drink, but every week or a 1 or 2 a few times a week, your pissing against the wind and wont get where you want to be, SIMPLE AS!!

    There you have it, the basics of eating right and living healthy!! Simpler than you thought eh?


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