Are you over 50 years old?

    Think your too old to start/restart training in a gym?

    Well think again!!!…. You’re never too old to start something new or give it another go; especially with all the advantages training (especially resistance training) has for the over 50’s!!!



    Read Below for some of the advantages that training has for the over 50’s


    1)Increase or rebuilds muscle mass– As we age it’s no secret that our muscle mass naturally declines.

     But luckily studies have shown that even a 30-minute resistance training session twice or three times a week can rebuild muscle in an adult over 50.

    Not only does having increased muscle mass make you look better but more importantly gives you a better quality of life and more independence, giving you more strength to do everyday tasks in the home i.e. carrying shopping, moving furniture, playing with and lifting grandkids.


    2)Increases/reboots metabolism– also like muscle mass, our metabolism slows down with age, making losing weight that bit harder as you enter your later years.

    Resistance training has a dual impact on a person’s metabolic rate because it increases energy use during both the exercise session and the muscle recovery and rebuilding period—up to three days after each workout.


    3)Increases Bone Density- once again with age our bone density decreases, which can make us weak and fragile and more likely to bone fractures, which can limit our mobility and affect our posture.

    Through training you can make improvements in bone mass and density which can offset issues such as Osteoporosis.


    4) Better Quality Sleep- exercise is known to improve sleep pattern. Strength training improves hormonal balance therefore giving us a better quality of sleep.


    5)  Improved Body Image – There are several reasons people work out. But one of the main motivations to exercise is to look better. Resistance training makes you leaner, stronger, and more toned. Of course, once you start seeing physical differences your confidence and self-image will improve.


    6) Increased Energy and Mood and self-confidence– when we exercise we help release endorphins (our feel-good hormone) therefore improving our mood and energy levels.


    7) Improves our overall health, by decreasing your chance of life-threatening conditions such as diabetes, heart attack, and obesity.

    Resistance training also helps with arthritis as it does not directly stress the joints, and strengthens the muscles, tendons and ligaments surrounding the joints.


    8) Increases Libido- many over 50’s (especially women) complain of not having the same amount of sex drive as they had in their 20/30’s. We know that strength training increases our quality of sleep, energy levels, mood, self-confidence. It also increases testosterone production (yes, ladies, don’t be scared that’s a good thing!) and oestrogen balance, which all significantly boost sex drive.

    9)Social Aspect- getting out, meeting new people, making new friends with similar interests. Fitness doesn’t have to be mundane or boring.


    At Bodynamics we pride ourselves on creating a fun friendly training environment.


    So, with all these benefits WHY wouldn’t you start working out as soon as!!!!!